Upcoming Events

OfLeisure partners with brands to

created innovative experiences with

one objective: to leave you with a deeper,

more vivid consciousness of the world than

ever thought possible.

Yes, we love our corporate clients but everyone needs a moment or an invitation to prioritize the importance of promoting true artistry, generations of craftmanship and, rather than mere consumption, the beauty of mindful creativity. These are the times to examine and re-examine the values of true luxury.

Our past events, open by invitation, include:

FashionXStartups℠ A collision of fashion and tech startups.  A peek into the future to build solutions now.  Right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

INVITE fXs Growth Hack 3.29.14 SOLD OUT

If you’ve already had the opportunity to join us in the past, we welcome you to return for new ways to live a life ofLeisure.

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