Why FashionXStartups℠?

At $318+ billion annual sales in 2013,

luxury brands don’t need any startup to help better connect/sell/target their existing customers and broaden their consumer reach.  Only the SMART ones can predict their needs with a solution perfectly suited to solve their problems. 

So you’re a tech-oriented startup.  

How are those VC/incubator/accelerator meetings going?  Wish you knew how to get to “yes” when presenting to potential large-scale retailers & corporations for adoption?  Wonder how you can gain the serious growth to attract funding?  Thinking about getting into an accelerator or incubator but not sure? (do you know the difference?) Wish you knew how to get a serious push in 2014?

Pivot. Disrupt. We all know about the perfect pivot. The number of books and articles for entrepreneurs about when, how, and why they should drop their original idea to do something completely different could fill the new San Francisco 49er stadium.  But how do you know what issues are facing Fortune 500 luxury brands and their pipeline while there’s still time to tweak your business strategy?  By learning about what they’ve got planned for 2015-’16 and pivoting your business to predict their needs.  At over $318 billion annual sales in 2013, luxury brands are searching for solutions to help them deepen their existing customer relationships and broaden their consumer reach. 

At FashionXStartups℠, KICK START YOUR START-UP!  Gain exclusive business knowledge to tap this market and ramp up your tech startup.  Get the never before made public industry ‘requirements’ to pivot your business model for serious growth, tackle 1 of 3 key issues to be used as potential case studies and rub elbows with a powerful industry network of Silicon Valley titans.  Guided by ofLeisure, the exclusive luxury advisory group guiding some of these corporations, along with tech/start-up mentors, you will:

•LEARN powerful insights on what your existing startup needs to grow with this market.
•NETWORK with industry leaders to ramp up for serious growth.
•SHOWCASE your expertise and ‘design thinking’ as a key differentiator for success.

First ever hackathon of its kind: part growth hack, part bootcamp, this intensive summit is focused on building serious growth for startups ready to change the future of luxury fashion!*

*not feeling ready yet?  You WILL be after FashionxStartups℠ is done with you.

If that’s not enough, have you checked out the latest CBInsights 2014 “Tech IPO Pipeline Report”?

California continues to dominate. California is home to over half of the Tech IPO Pipleine, and has seen the number of pipeline companies jump from 222 in 2013 to 308 for 2014. Hot on its heels and as a testament to its growth as a tech venture hub, New York saw its number of total pipeline companies jump nearly 50% from last year’s list (41).

California still dominates the IPO Pipeline

California still dominates the IPO Pipeline

Internet companies make up over half of the 2014 Tech IPO Pipeline, followed by mobile & telecom companies. And both have seen significant growth in their share of the pipeline. There are currently 320 Internet companies on the Tech IPO Pipeline, an increase of 39% from last year’s list.

eCommerce tops the Internet subindustries.

eCommerce tops the Internet subindustries.


So you’re a fashion startup.  

Boot-strapped but needing solutions that directly address your specific small business issues? Want to directly impact the solutions for your business needs?  Still ramping up your knowledge of what it will take to gain more retail and wholesale business? Learn about the leading edge software, cloud-based solutions and simple startup resources necessary to get your collection in-stores.  International fashion industry veterans can explain their experience to help you push to the next level and how to position your brand for the luxury category.  Get a chance to hear directly from leading retailers on what it takes to be the next successful brand flying off shelves and issues facing small fashion brands.  Together with the Startups, directly impact how you want to drive business for your brand.

So you’re a

programmer/developer/designer wiz.  

HACKERS/PROGRAMMERS/DEVELOPERS/HARDWARE & UX DESIGNERS Whether you’re already getting your hacker jollies at your full time gig or looking to flex your serious hacker muscles, this is your chance.  Short on time but high on intensity, this is a perfect 1 day-only showcase of your skills to show startups how to bring a new level of sophistication and intuitive intelligence to the user experience. Just like working at the startups but more glory and fun without the commitment! (aha, some things never change.)

No, really.  What’s in it for me?

If a 1-day intensive workshop in…

  1. future consumer themes NEVER before shared outside of Fortune 500 boardrooms
  2. a peek into key challenges facing the leading companies in the luxury category and
  3. the competitive yet nurturing space we’ve designed specifically to test out ideas on your startup

…are NOT enough, there’s always the networking with fellow thought-provokers and the successful DO-ers that have already walked down the path you’re facing? See how we’ve maximized the values MOST important to attendees of Hackathons.

From the most basic questions (Cheese and Fries! What’s a Hackathon?) to competition rules, we’ve seen it all and tried to answer all in our FAQ. Take a look.

Courtesy of @SwiftAlphaOne

Courtesy of @SwiftAlphaOne


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