Launched for the first time in 2014, FashionXStartups℠ was the first ever collision of luxury fashion and tech startups in Silicon Valley.  A portal into the future for any startup founder/visionary looking to catapult their startups for exponential growth.

Part growth hack, part startup bootcamp, part accelerator.

The only NYC-paced summit (and elbow rubbing with some serious smarties) for Silicon Valley tech startups. Leading up to a 5 minute presentation to a working industry expert panel for results-oriented, growth-focused strategies for their corporations to adopt today. 

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Why FashionXStartups? 

Whoa, whoa. I need more serious FAQ help.

INVITE fXs Growth Hack 3.29.14 SOLD OUT

Why FashionXStartups HERE?

(It’s Silicon Valley, Duh.)

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